Read Psalm 143:8

In this verse, the writer asks God to remind him of His faithful love when? Yes, in the morning. Because when you start your day remembering that God is in control and that He is with you, you will have a much better time facing whatever comes your way. Because NOTHING—no problem, no tough situation, no disappointment, no challenge—is bigger than God. He is more powerful than any of the stuff you will face today.

So here’s a little challenge for you. Write this phrase on a piece of paper and tape it to the bottom of your bathroom mirror: “God, I trust that you are with me today.” Every morning, for the next five mornings, read this phrase out loud as a prayer to God. When you finish, draw a check mark on the paper. Repeat every morning until you have five check marks. Believe those words “that God is with you” as you head out the door to face the day.

Thank God for the BIG reminder that He is with you, everyday.


Read 2 Samuel 22:31

Have you ever made a mistake? Of course you have. No one is perfect. Everyone messes up except God. One of the BIG reasons you can trust and depend on God is because He never messes up. He will never let you down. He doesn’t have any fl aws or weaknesses. There will be times when life is hard and things don’t make sense. In those moments you can trust in His perfect love for you. So remember, when life doesn’t make sense, you can trust that God will protect you like a shield protects a soldier.

Grab a piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape of a shield. Cover the shield with aluminum foil. Grab another piece of construction paper. Cut a 2-inch strip from the paper and tape it across the front of your shield. On the paper, write today’s verse. Hang your shield by your bed to remind you that God is with you.

Ask God to help you remember that He is with you.


Read Genesis 40:14, 23

Answer the questions below about this week’s Bible story. If you need help, reread Genesis 40.

How did Joseph help the cupbearer and the baker?

What did Joseph ask the cupbearer to do?

What happened after the cupbearer was released from prison and returned to his job?

Can you believe Joseph was thrown in jail for something he didn’t do? But God helped him interpret the cupbearer’s and baker’s dreams. And his interpretations were RIGHT! The cupbearer did get out of jail and return to his job. But did he remember Joseph? Nope. He forgot all about him. But was God still with Joseph?

Absolutely. Even in that stinky, dark prison cell. Even as Joseph was chained up, wondering how he would ever make it out of there alive, God was with him. This isn’t the end of the story for Joseph. In fact, something pretty amazing is about to happen. Aren’t you glad that Joseph chose to trust in God even when things were hard? Could you do that?

Listen for ways to trust God like Joseph did even when life doesn’t make sense.


Read Psalm 13:5

Think about the last time you were joyful. Was it your birthday? Or the first day of school? Or that time this past summer when you rode your first roller coaster? When we think of joy, we think “happiness.” But joy IS possible even when things aren’t fun or exciting. Real joy is possible when the last thing you feel is “happy.”

Do you think Joseph had joy while he was in prison? Month after month passed after the cupbearer was released and still Joseph sat in that jail cell. Do you think he trusted that God was with him? Of course! Real joy isn’t about happiness. It’s about knowing, deep down, that no matter what happens, you aren’t alone. God was with Joseph and he had an amazing plan in store for him, even when he was in prison and his circumstances didn’t make ANY sense. But Joseph had to trust God to show Him that special plan.

Think about a situation this past week that didn’t make sense to you. Looking back on that event, can you find the joy knowing that God was with you?

Know that you can have real joy when you choose to trust in God.


Kim Gore