HONOR - NOVEMBER 19th/20th



Read 2 Samuel 9:13

Answer the questions below about our Bible story from this week. If you need help, read 2 Samuel 9.

What was the promise David made?


Who was Mephibosheth?


Why did Mephibosheth need help?


How did David keep his promise to Jonathan?


David wanted to honor his friend. So he sent his servant to find out if any of Jonathan’s family was still alive and if he could help them. When he found Mephibosheth, he was in need. David treated him as his own son when Mephibosheth had nothing to offer in return. David kept his promise to Jonathan even after Jonathan had passed away.

It’s important for the people around you to see that they can trust you. This week, make sure to follow through with what you say you will do. Because you honor others when you keep your promises.

Thank God for David’s example as someone who showed honor by keeping his promises.


Read Proverbs 20:25

Do you know what the word "hasty" means? It means quick, fast, hurried, swift or rushed. What’s the opposite of "hasty"? The opposite is careful, cautious, thoughtful, or wise. When you make a promise, you shouldn’t do it in a fast or in a thoughtless way. You should think first and be careful about the things you promise. You can show God you love him and that He’s important to you when you make a promise and follow through.

Think about a promise you CAN keep and write it below.

God, I promise to _______________________________________________.

Ask God to help you honor Him by making a thoughtful promise instead of a careless one this week.


Read Ecclesiastes 5:5

Did someone make a promise to you this week? Maybe your friend said you could play on her tablet. Or maybe your Dad promised to take you outside to throw the ball after work. Did they keep their promise to you? Sometimes it’s hard to follow through with the things we say we’ll do.

You can’t control the promises that other people make to you but you CAN control the ones YOU make. That’s why it’s better to think about it before you say you will do something. If you can’t do it, then don’t make that promise in the first place. Because you honor others when you keep your promises.

Today’s verse is written below but there are two extra letters between each word. See if you can mark them out with an "x" to reveal today’s verse.

bettersktowrmakeghnowlpromisewiatmkall. Ecclesiastesns5ay:5

Look for opportunities to KEEP the promises you make.


Read Numbers 30:2

While you gather with family to eat a meal this week, we have a little honor challenge for you.

Find a plastic cup and a piece of paper. Cut the paper into small strips. On each strip of paper, write one of the following promises:

"I will let everyone else serve their plates first."

"I will wait for the other person to finish talking without interrupting."

"I will pull out the chair for my aunt before she sits down."

"I will wait to take my first bite until everyone else has started eating."

"I will choose my dessert last."

"I will let my little brother or sister have the last piece of pie."

Choose one of the strips before the meal starts and PROMISE to show

honor by following through with what it says. Feel free to allow other

members of the family to draw a strip, but ONLY if they agree to follow


Know that God loves it when we follow through on a promise we’ve made to honor others.


Kim Gore