Read James 1:6

Have you ever been to the ocean and felt the waves? Ever stood at the edge of the water, looked out over the horizon and wondered how big that ocean really is?

James compares our faith to an ocean. When the water is calm, it’s easy to believe and trust. But when life gets hard, when the waters are rough, that’s when we begin to doubt God. But our faith shouldn’t be based on whether or not things are going well.

God wants us to depend on Him no matter what happens. You will face situations that are hard or that put pressure on you. When you face those situations, God doesn’t want your faith to be tossed around like the waves in the ocean. He wants you to be sure that HE is with you. God can be trusted because He is in control.

Finish this week’s bottom line by filling in all the missing vowels. (A, E, I, O, U)

Wh___n th___ pr___ss___r___ ___s ___n, y___ ____ c____n tr___st G___d ___s w___th y___ ___.

Thank God for being with you, even when the pressure is on.


Read Jeremiah 17:7-8

Do you have a tree in your yard? Have you ever climbed a tree at the park? In these verses, our faith is compared to a tree planted by the water. Because of its location, it doesn’t have to worry about lack of rain or really hot heat. Its roots soak up enough nutrients from that stream to help it grow.

This is similar to the way our faith grows. The number one way for you to continue to grow your faith is to read God’s word. For us, the Bible should be like that stream is to a healthy tree. The more we read and learn about God, the more we trust Him. The more we trust Him, the more we will follow Him and live the way He wants us to. And the more we follow God, the more we can make a difference in the world around us. If we stay connected to God by reading His word and put it into practice, we don’t have to worry when we’re under pressure or face difficult stuff . Because we’ll be just like that healthy tree.

Ask God to help you spend time reading His words in the Bible and to apply it in your life each day.


Read Psalm 121:5-6

Complete the following sentences …

To protect your skin from the sun, you need ________________________.

To protect your eyes from bright light, you need ________________________.

To protect yourself from the rain, you need an ________________________.

To keep your feet protected when playing outside, you need ________________________.

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes you face situations that put pressure on you. Maybe the teacher calls on you to read in front of the whole class. Maybe you’re last up to bat and your team is one run behind. Maybe your friend can’t find his basketball that you borrowed and you aren’t sure where it is either.

When the pressure is on, you can trust that God is with you. He will protect you when you choose to listen and follow Him. But you have to FOLLOW Him. Just like sunscreen and sunglasses and shoes and umbrellas can’t help you unless you APPLY or put them on, you can’t experience God’s protection unless you apply His words to your life. God promises to protect you when you choose to trust Him.

Look for ways to trust God this week so you can be protected from harm.


Read Isaiah 26:4

Think about the strongest person you know. Is it your Dad? Is it a superhero? Is it an athlete you’ve seen on TV? There are lots of examples of strength for us to look to. But the truth is, no one is more powerful than God. He created the entire universe simply by speaking. He made you. And He sent His Son to pay the price for your sin so that you could have a relationship with Him. He loves you more than anyone or anything. And He can be trusted. Always.

Go outside and find a rock. Look for one that’s about the size of your hand. Write out this verse on the rock and put it beside your bed as a reminder that you can trust in God.

Know that God is someone you can always count on.


Kim Gore