Proverbs 3:5

When you have a problem to solve, what do you do? Do you ask a grown up for help? Do you jump in and make a quick decision without much thought? Do you stop and think through everything that might happen and then decide what to do?

But if we’ve put our trust in God, shouldn’t we find out what He wants us to do? How do you really DO that?

Well, you pray. You talk to God about what’s on your mind and ask Him to guide you. You read the Bible.

Verses like this one remind us that we can trust Him, that we don’t have to figure everything out on our own and that He will help us. And you talk to other people (like your parents or your small group leader) who follow Him, too.

God hasn’t left us alone. He’s with us, He’s given us His word and He’s given us each other, to help guide our

steps. We don’t have to lean on our own understanding because we can trust Him with all our hearts.

Grab a piece of paper and write out this verse in different styles of handwriting. When you’re finished, you should have it memorized!

Thank God that you can truly trust Him no matter what.


Psalm 20:7

Think about some simple things you trust in everyday. You trust that the chair you sit in will hold you up at the dinner table. You trust that your coach will be at your ball game. You trust that the sun will rise in the morning and set again in the evening. You trust in little things all day long—maybe without even realizing it.

Back when the Bible was written, everyone would have known about trusting chariots and horses.

Men would head out into battle, trusting that their horse would be fast enough and their chariot would be strong enough to give them success on the battlefield. Back then, warriors put their trust in those things to keep them safe.

So as you head to school this week, the big question is: what are you trusting in? It’s probably not horses or chariots. So what is it? Are you really trusting God no matter what?

Write out a prayer to God. Tell Him what you’re worried about and ask Him to help you trust that He is in control.

Ask God to help you put all your trust in Him today.


Read Genesis 45:4-5

Remember that dream Joseph had about his brothers bowing down to him? Now his brothers ARE bowing before him. They need food and Joseph is the only one who can help. But Joseph couldn’t see this moment when he was sold off to those traders, or when he was put in jail for a crime he didn’t commit or when he was left there for two years before the cupbearer remembered him. He didn’t know how things would turn out, but he trusted God anyway. Will you choose to trust God like Joseph did, no matter what?

Use the line below to create a timeline of your life. Mark your date of birth at the beginning. Now draw in some other events in your life so far. Have you moved? Did your mom have a baby brother or sister? Have you broken a bone? What about your first day of school? Pick two or three events from your past to mark on your timeline. Leave some space at the end to add to your timeline later on.


Look back at your timeline and thank God for being with you through it all.


Read Psalm 22:4-5

When you read the Bible, do you sometimes forget that these are real stories about real people? Maybe it feels like you’re reading about a character in a book that an author made up. But the Bible isn’t a made up story. It’s history. It’s about real people who lived on the earth and faced some of the same tough stuff that you face everyday.

Did you see the first part of this verse? Read it again. What did people of long ago do? They put always there. He never changes and He can be counted on. Always. You can trust God no matter what. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? You can trust God no matter what.

As you go about your day, try to sneak this phrase into a conversation with a friend. Look for an opportunity to tell someone else that you want to trust God no matter what.

Know that you can put your trust in God, no matter what.



Kim Gore