Have you ever made a bad decision? Do you lie when you know you should tell the truth? Do you refuse to forgive someone that’s hurt you? Do you sometimes not listen to your mom or dad because you think your way is best?

We all make bad decisions sometimes. God calls that sin. But real wisdom, the kind we need in order to avoid bad decisions and their consequences, comes from God. When we learn what HIS word says about how we should live, then we’re challenged to live differently. When we mess up, we can always ask God help us make a different choice next time. His word is the best place to look for answers to help you follow Him. When you don’t know what God says, ask by praying something like this:

"I need help with _____________. God please show me what to do. I trust that you will guide me and show me the way to go."

THANK God for giving you His word so you can make wise decisions and avoid sin.



Have you ever walked into the blinding sun without sunglasses on? Did it take your eyes a few minutes to adjust so you could see the world around you? Sometimes when we read our Bibles, we first need to ask God to open our eyes, ears, and hearts so we can focus what He’s trying to say to us. God wants you to learn something new from His word, but then He wants you to take it one step further by DOING what it says (that’s the "so you can be better at whatever you do" part!).

ASK God to help you focus on what He’s trying to say to you as you read His word.



When you have a problem, who helps you? Your Mom, Dad, maybe an older brother or sister? Did you know that when you have a problem or when you’re trying to make a decision about what to do, you can ALWAYS ask God for help? As you read and memorize the truths in the Bible, God will show you how to make decisions that honor Him.

This verse gives you three steps to help. First Ask. Ask God in prayer. Then seek! Seek and search His word for the truths that help you know how to follow Him. And finally knock. When you knock on someone’s door, you wait with confidence for it to be opened. When you knock and wait for God to help you, He will answer and show you where to go and what to do!

To help you remember this important verse, draw a stoplight and fill in the colors.

Color the top circle RED and write: "ASK/Stop"

Color the center circle YELLOW and write: "SEEK/Slow Down"

Color the bottom circle GREEN and write: "KNOCK/Follow God"

LEARN to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK so that you can follow God.



We’ve been talking ALL month long about knowledge—learning something new so you can be better at whatever you do. Reading your Bible is the BEST place to look for knowledge because God knows everything about everything. And He is ready to help you as you read His word.

Did you catch the end of this verse? If you don’t ask, you won’t be able to find out what God’s answer is! In other words, you might MISS it! When you aren’t sure what God says, when you need help, ASK! Don’t miss what He’s trying to tell you.

Memory Verse Challenge: Grab a ball and your mom or dad or a friend. Bounce the ball back and forth as you say the words of this verse together. Repeat until you can recite it from memory.

KNOW that God will answer and tell you things you don’t know if you choose to ASK!


Kim Gore