Prayer Requests July 9th 2018

Health / Restoration / Life
“God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”  Psalm 147:3

Pray with one to control his/her anger, especially on Wednesdays at work.

Pray with one to overcome anxiety over getting cancer and dying like other female members in her family.

Pray healing with one for a mother of four young children who is being treated for breast and cervical cancer.

Pray with one for a divorce to be finalized so he can get on with his life.  Pray he find employment soon and stop living out of his car.  Pray healing for his daughters.

Pray with one for another.

Pray healing with one who is overwhelmed by her mother’s death two years ago, feels unloved and is depressed.

Pray comfort with one for a family who lost their mother.

Pray with one for God to break the chains of anger and depression in her husband.  Pray she will have strength and patience during this season, and they both will draw closer to God.

Please pray with one for her, her friends and family.

Pray with one for every day living, his mother and his family.

Pray with one for two girls who are now without parents as the father murdered the mother and then killed himself after being diagnosed with brain cancer.  The younger girl is with family services.

Pray with one to draw closer to God and for his family to be restored.

Pray with one for successful surgery and healing of his friend’s father having thyroid cancer surgery. 

Pray healing with a wife for her husband recently diagnosed with interstitial lung disease.

Pray healing with one diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Pray he will stay focused on the Word and promises of healing.

Pray with a daughter for her mother who is having a bone marrow tested.

Pray protection, guidance, prosperity and wisdom for six people, their family and pets.

Pray with one for complete healing of body and nerves in order to walk, run, jump, clap and speak normally.

Pray with one for deliverance from demonic oppression, healing of pain in her body and complete restoration of her health.

Pray with one for another in Salvation Army.

Pray healing with one having a biopsy on July 13 and a hysterectomy on August 14.  Pray for the reconciliation of her marriage, finances and her three sons.

Pray with one for a healing miracle for one diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Pray healing with one for a couple’s infant daughter who has bleeding on her brain.

Pray healing with one for another in Moffitt Cancer Center.  Pray peace for his wife.

Pray deliverance with one from pornography.

Pray comfort, peace, hope and healing of the Holy Spirit with one for stomach, ankle, and breathing issues.  Pray she gets her mind right about God.

Pray healing with one for two others battling cancer.

Pray with one for mercy, grace, peace, direction, favor, wisdom, health, and financial provision.

Pray with one who feels lost without direction as she is facing a divorce and financial distress.

Pray with one for his recommitment to Christ, her family and children and that they would trust in her, and for continued support by friends.

Pray with one for continued healing in her home; specifically for chains of anger, sorrow, and anguish to be broken.  Pray for her family to grow closer to God. Pray healing and ease of pain for her mother.

Pray guidance and assistance with one for purchasing a home for the first time.  Pray for her relationship with first child going away to college.

Pray with one to learn to love herself.

Pray with one to help family and school.
Pray healing with one for a baby born on Tuesday who is fighting for her life.  Pray for her family who is devastated.

Pray comfort for one who lost her grandpa to cancer seven weeks after he was diagnosed with cancer and her boyfriend of three years broke up with her.

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”  Psalm 46:1

Pray with one for reconciliation of a relationship and the strength to deal with it in the event the relationship is not reconciled.

Pray with one who is pregnant and her husband is pressuring her to have an abortion.

Pray with one to open the communication with another.

Pray guidance with one for wisdom regarding a relationship.

Pray with one for bond with another, wisdom, God’s favor, decreasing weight, and union job.

Pray with one for marriage.

Pray with one concerned about another’s relationship.

Pray with one for the reconciliation of her marriage.

Pray with one for God to show her purpose and plan in life with another and see beyond the present circumstances.

Pray with one for a medical healing and for someone to give them a second chance.

Pray restoration of a marriage with a wife.  Pray her husband will not be deported or her marriage annulled by her parents.

Pray with one for the healing of her marriage and self-love.

Finances & Provision

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed;”  2 Corinthians 9:8

Pray God’s provision with one for a three-day trip in August.

Praise God with one for His protection in a failed land acquisition.

Pray with one to immediately find an affordable, new place to live.

Pray with one in Australia for financial blessings, full-time work.

Pray with one for her husband, improved finances, and dismissal of her husband’s hearing before the registrar. 

Pray with one to find a job.

Pray wisdom, strength, and patience with one to be debt free.

Pray with one to get a job downtown.

Pray with one for her mother to get a good job and find the home she always wanted.

Pray with one for favor and increase in finances.  Pray for a new job to free up a need for second job and availability to volunteer on Sundays.

Pray with one for financial issues.

Pray with one for a consistent breakthrough in his acting career.

Pray with a wife for her husband to find a job near their home or work remotely from home.  Pray traveling mercies as he drives home for weekends and to be with them both during the times of separation.

Pray with one for her ex-husband to start paying child support.  She needs it for all their basic needs and is concerned for their future.

Pray with one who has been looking for a job for months.

Pray with one for her family that desperately needs income.

Pray with one to find a day shift or 3rd shift.

Spiritual Matters / Salvation
“Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD himself, is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation.”  Isaiah 12:2

Pray with one for his relationship with his wife and children.  Pray he will have victory over bad habits as well as financial and health problems.

Pray with one for her husband and son to be saved.  Pray the Lord will soften her other son’s heart toward his sister.

Pray with one for a couple breaking up after 25 years and their youngest 13-year-old son.  Pray financial blessings, peace and favor.

Pray salvation with one for another.

Pray salvation with one for a friend’s daughter who is pregnant.  Pray she will have deliverance over drugs and alcohol and become a good mother.

Pray with one for her father’s salvation and deliverance from alcohol.

Pray with one for another, other children and another’s husband.

Pray God’s salvation for three others.

Pray God’s will over two people and salvation for seven teenagers.

Pray salvation with one for another and that they will be reconciled in their relationship with each other.

Pray salvation and healing with a mother for her 43-year-old daughter.

Pray with one for God’s will concerning a couple staying together.

Pray with a mother for her son to be brought back into God’s kingdom and His loving arms during a difficult time.

Pray with one to receive His love in greater portion.

Fiona Reid