God Provides

In the tabernacle of God, the Table of Showbread is a picture of God’s provision.

“You shall make a table of acacia wood… And you shall set the bread of the Presence on the table before me regularly.” - Exodus 25:23–30

By having such a table in the tabernacle, the Lord was demonstrating that the people were to regard the tabernacle as God’s house.  The bread of the Presence was regularly put on this table  (v. 30) — twelve loaves laid out in two piles of six loaves each.  These loaves signified God’s generous provision of food and other necessities for the twelve tribes of Israel. 

We must always remember that we are sustained only on account of His gracious work, to meet every one of our needs. God gives us what we need according to His standards and we must never forget this- both in times of plenty and in times of want. Let us do what we can to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness to God for His supply and also, encourage others to do the same.