Abraham in God's Presence

Abraham met with God over a meal.  God was present at Abraham’s table and received Abraham’s best offering.  It was in the presence of God that Abraham’s problems resulted in God’s promise.

Abraham and Sarah were childless and past even the hope that they would ever have an heir, but what they did not know is that God would not only give them a child, but he would be the child of promise from which all nations would be blessed. 

The beginning of Genesis 18 tells the story of Abraham meeting with the Lord and offering a meal for three travelers.  Abraham told his wife to prepare the finest foods that they had to offer for these voyagers and then the Lord bestowed the gift of a child upon Abraham and Sarah.  The idea that Abraham and Sarah would have a child in their advanced age was enough to make Sarah laugh – surely this was a problem that could not be overcome.  It was God’s presence that turned the problem into a promise.

Do you have a problem that seems too big to overcome?  It is God’s presents that make our problems into God’s promise.