Jesus Saves

Your salvation is secure, because it was God who called you, and it was God who saved you, and it was/is God who keeps you!  

Jonah. 2:9 says, “Salvation comes from the LORD". Luke 3:6 speaks of “God’s salvation” and Revelation 7:10 tells us that “salvation belongs to our God” and “to the Lamb.” What does this mean? It means that salvation is a divine work of God from beginning to the end! God ordained it, the Son purchased it, and the Holy Spirit applies it.

We are chosen by God, called by the Holy Spirit, and saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. This is a big theological question that can divide even evangelical believers: “Can a person lose salvation?” There is much discussion that accompanies this question, but at the core of the question stands another question… can a person gain their own salvation?  If salvation is from God and not man, then does man have the power to lose the very thing that he/she does not have the power to gain?