God Did, Does and Is Doing

Can I undo Salvation that God has given?

Consider the “golden chain” of salvation in Romans 8:29-30.  Paul expresses  the  five  links of  the  chain  this  way: foreknown,  predestined,  called,  justified,  glorified.  The  first two  refer to  God’s  decision to  save  those  who  trust in  Christ;  the  second  two terms  refer to  God’s  activity in actually saving those whom he has chosen. But the last phrase—"glorified"—refers to what happens when God’s children finally get to heaven.

However; Paul expresses this truth about our future glorification in the past tense… how does that work? It’s already done, accomplished fact, “finito”, done deal, you are already but not yet glorified. God lives outside of space and time, the past, the present and future are all the same to Him. In God’s point of view, we are already in heaven, having been glorified! If God has already done something I couldn’t do, what can I do to undo it?