Adjust Life to Join God

The adjustments you make to join God today position you to experience the miracles of God tomorrow!

Hebrews 11:24-28 tells about the faith of Moses.  Moses has to make major adjustments in his life to join God in what He was doing.  Moses had to come to the place where he believed that God would do all that He said He would do. The Lord gave him signs to accompany him: His staff turned into a snake, his arm would become leprous and clean on demand, water from the Nile turned to blood, etc.  Moses also had to leave his job and he had to leave his in-laws and the family business and return to Egypt. Remember, this is where he is a known and wanted man. Hebrews accounts each of these tough decisions as faith.  Faith often requires us to step out of comfort and familiarity and to trust God in the journey.  You will sometimes have to make major adjustments to position yourself to join the Lord.  Prayerfully ask God today for the ways that you may adjust your life today for His plans tomorrow.