Moses came to know God by experience as he obeyed God, and God accomplished His work through Moses. Here are some scriptures about the obedience of Moses: Exodus 14:15-17, 21-23, 26-27, 29, 31.

Moses obeyed the Lord and returned to Egypt. He witnessed the Great Plagues and observed the Passover.  He saw the deliverance of the first born in the last of the ten plagues and then he saw with his own eyes the Exodus of 3 million Hebrews as they were freed from slavery.   He stretched out his hand and the great waters of the Red Sea parted in front of him so the people passed over on dry ground. Hundreds of millions of Quail appeared for food, water flowed from a rock as provision for all the people to drink and he became known as Moses the Deliverer! 

The life of Moses is a string of obedient acts in the face of everything from personal doubts to threats of murder from Pharaoh to screaming complaints by the very people he was delivering.  Without obedience, Moses would not have delivered the people.