We Are Invited to God's Work

God invited Moses to become involved with Him and His work. Exodus 3:8, 10 says, “I have come down to rescue my people from the hand of the Egyptians… I am sending you to deliver my people!”

Talk about a Crisis of Belief! It is one thing to pray for God to move mountains… it is another for God to in turn tell you that He is going to use YOU to move the mountains.  Is the God you believe big enough to use your ordinary life to do extraordinary things? I remember when I was just finishing seminary and I was praying for the opportunity walk along the side of a great man and lead the people.  I remember when God said, “What if I make you the leader?”  I asked God if He was sure that He had the right guy. We are all inadequate without God, but the “wrong person” in the right hands is a miracle in the making!  God is doing great work in the world and you are invited.