We are the Church

We are to invest ourselves (give to) into the place where we are connected, encouraged, cared for and biblically fed.  We give to the church.

The Church is the hope of the World; God says to tithe to His House, His bride and His representative.  Why?- So that our faith is strengthened, we are blessed and we get to become a blessing - AND so that His house is strengthened and blessed to be a blessing.  This blessing is both across the street and around the world.  Colossians 1:17 tells us, “Christ in you is the hope of glory.”  We are the hope of the world and actually making provision for ourselves.  You are the only plan God has to advance His Kingdom on earth and defend the world from wickedness.

The church is not a building, a pastor or a parking lot.  Things like buildings, salaries, roads and parking lots are simply “sheep sheds” to reach, care for, feed and strengthen sheep!  We are His sheep!  We tithe to the building up of ourselves because we are God’s people, His sheep, His bride and His church.  Our tithe is ultimately to our own mutual care and provision.  The Lord says, I will abundantly provide for you and you will become a provider for others!  The church is the repository for our tithe, but we are the Beneficiary of that faithful action!  We are the Church and God loves and cares for us.  We give out of our own blessings and get to also, be a blessing.