Holy Spirit is a Person!

God is three “Persons” yet one.  We do better in churches speaking about God as Father and Jesus as Son, but we sometimes do not talk about Holy Spirit with the same personal relationship.

We have treated “The Holy Spirit” like the crazy uncle who shows up at Thanksgiving and horrifies everyone with his poor behavior.  We have mystified him and depersonalized him into an “It”.  I need more of “it” speaking of the Spirit in my life.  Most people have a disoriented, inaccurate or incomplete view of the third person of the trinity.  Too many have resigned themselves to a form of Godliness void of any true power, seeing themselves left to figure out life on their own, and in bondage, and to a perpetual cycle of defeat.  Jesus tells us something entirely different.  John 15:14-31 tells us that He is Kind and compassionate.  Jesus explains in scripture that the Spirit is an advocate and a comforter.  He is with us and for us and loves us.  The Father, The Son, and The Spirit… each are a person and He wants a personal relationship with you.  Thank God as Spirit for being with you today.