Three Like Me

I am in a body, I have a spirit and I am a soul.  These are ways that I can describe myself and I am created in the image of God. 

Understanding the person and nature of God can be a little difficult at times.  In order to understand Him better, He often speaks to us in what we refer to as “anthropomorphic” or “anthropopathic” terms.  These are big theological words, which simply means that God uses our own level of understanding and language to speak with us.  He talks about His hands, feet, heart, thoughts, choices, etc.  These terms are actually words that would limit our limitless God and are not perfect descriptions… But, we are limited in our understanding and descriptions (like these) to help us understand God.  In Matthew chapter 3, it tells about the baptism of Jesus.  God (Spirit) descended as a dove, God (Father) spoke and Jesus (Son) was baptized.  God is with us in every possible form and He created us like Him.  He created us for relationship with Him and we need Him in every aspect of our life… body, soul and spirit.