Home Cooking

Think about the church as a place where people come “to be fed.” There are many places where you can go to eat. I pray that you think in terms of “Home Cooking.”

Have you heard someone talk about the church as a place to be fed? Maybe you have even heard someone exclaim, “I like that church, but I don’t feel like I am getting fed there.” Feeding can be a useful analogy when it comes to churches, but not all meals are alike. Imagine a spiritual restaurant- workers serve, people eat, people return if it is good, friends tell others, tips are possible and you pay for service. Now imagine a Spiritual house- family members gather together, each person may join in the meal process as they are able, there is a common need, you make the menu, you buy the groceries and you enjoy the meal together. The church should be like a family meal and everyone is invited to provide, prepare, enjoy, set the table and even do the dishes. We are in this together, and if we are to be fed well, then let’s join the family and have a great meal… the best meals are “Home Cooking!”