Proverbs 22:3 tells us, “Man sees calamity and takes refuge.” Prepare as the Lord (The Holy Spirit) directs you, He will HELP you!

Do you know that Jesus left the earth and is in the process of “preparing a place for you” with the Father? He did not just leave us to go do this… He is also with us as the Comforter, The Holy Spirit. He is preparing a place for us and He is the one that also prepares us for everything. When Fall approaches, it is time for people in Florida to prepare for hurricane season. We have a check list for preparation items- food, water, go bag… We prepare ourselves for the natural. Remember, the safest place to be is in the will of God. What we really need is to leave status quo Christianity and what we could really use is a prophetic, Pentecost experience of the heart...full on for the Lord in our hearts and desires! We need the one that is preparing eternity for us, has full access to us and is in us. It is great to prepare for the calamities of the world. It is better to prepare for eternal matters.