Broken, Barren and Full of Hope

You would not normally set the words broken and barren in front of the word hope, but that is what the story of Zecheriah and Elizabeth can teach us.

Read Luke 1:5-25.  “Along in years and Barren” describes Zecheriah and Elizabeth.  Do you think these two had reason to be a little hopeless, maybe disappointed and even angry with God?  It’s hard to walk in brokenness and barrenness to boot.  Barren means they had no hope of conception, no anticipation, no thought of receiving good things. But the scripture says: Hope in Him changes everything! Old Zechariah and barren and infertile Elizabeth had a son and they named him John-he brought them great joy.  Many rejoiced at his birth, and he was great in the sight of the Lord. Luke 1:39-45 tells us that John was filled with the Holy Spirit before he was born when Mary visited Elizabeth.  John went before the Lord in the power of Elijah and brought many in Israel back to the Lord.  Everything changed! Nothing has to stay the same! Why don’t you place your hope in Him and begin to dream again!  Zachariah praised the Lord and sang songs (Luke 1:67-80).  Do you feel broken and barren?  Everything can change!  In Jesus, everything has changed!