We Are Crossing!

You may recognize this title above.  We say this often at The Crossing Church.  It is the same thing that Joshua told the people when they faced the Jordan and all of the problems of the Promised Land.

Clarity and Uncertainty can coexist.  Read Joshua 1:12-2:24. Joshua.  There were so many questions when Israel prepared to cross the Jordan. How are the elderly, those who are sickly, children - how are they going to make it across the Jordan? How are we all going to make it across? What’s it going to be like when we cross over? I know what I saw 40 years ago and I know what recent reports are! Who are we going to face first in battle? But Joshua told them to prepare provisions, in three days “We are crossing” the Jordan! Why? Because that is what God said to do! He is giving the instruction! God gave the same instructions 40 years earlier and they did not do what he said. Are you willing to trust the Lord and trust your leadership and step out?  Only upon putting their feet in the water did the water part. You do your part and God will do his PART! Are you willing to trust enough to adjust?