Trusting God with our Resources

How can we trust God?  One clear way is to trust him with our own resources. If we truly believe that God is our provider, then we will not fear giving up what we believe is our own provision.

Do you ever feel like all of your resources (money) are gone and spoken for, before you ever deposit it into the bank? I distinctly remember a time like this in my life - just out of college, when I was a very new believer and didn't know or understand God's principles regarding resources.  Depositing my check, I knew that there were more bills waiting to be paid than the amount that I deposited... I thought, “I am never going to make it. How am I going to catch up?” This seemed like a lot of hard work and not a very good return! Today can be the end of withering resources! Read Malachi 3:6 and 1 Corinthians 16:2. The biblical principle regarding money, which you will find in these scriptures is counter-intuitive. God actually challenges us to give – no matter how much we have! He desires to bring us great blessings and He wants us to trust Him, even when we think we do not have enough.