Hope in Him Changes Everything

There are many troubles that can plague us in this world and multiple objects that can stand in our way.  Trials will come, but there is hope in Jesus, the Christ.

In Luke 1:26-38, Mary was a sixteen year old virgin pledged to be married, pregnant, and couldn’t prove who the daddy was.  Do you think Mary could have been a little disillusioned, discouraged, low in her self-esteem? Nope! The scripture says: “Hope in Him changes everything!” An angel came to Mary and declared, “Mary, you who are highly favored, you will give birth to a son, call him Jesus, he will be great, called the Son of the Most High God, The Lord will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, his kingdom shall never end.” We are not talking about a future President, but The Most High God – the most personified person in the history of man! This was to be Jesus, the Christ... and Mary said (my translation) “ok, whatever you say, I believe it’s going to be just what you said!” Whaaaaat! Everything has changed, nothing has to stay the same! Why don’t you place your hope in Him and begin to dream again! Mary praises the Lord, and we can do the same.  Are you facing overwhelming odds?  You have access to the same Jesus, the Christ!